How to Create a Carousel Content in Brizy

Visual marketing is very popular right now. It strengthens your brand and communicates with your site visitors with the help of images, videos, and other pieces of multimedia content. Create a carousel; content is a part of the more significant way to support the visual marketing works well. Carousel is also known as “slideshows” and “sliders.” It’s an effective way of displaying multiple images or content in a single space.

There are many benefits when you create a carousel content as below:

  • Saving screen space.
  • It improves the overall visual appeal effectively.
  • Encourages visitors to focus on important website content.

This article will show you how to create carousel content in Brizy. Brizy is one of the easiest tools to create and design websites, blogs, online shops, and many more. With Brizy, you can create a carousel very easily.

Steps to Create a Carousel Content in Brizy

Step 1: Add a Carousel Element

Before starting the tutorial, we would like to inform you that Brizy has a feature to create carousel content; it’s called the Carousel element. Whereby the Carousel element is only available on the Brizy Pro. So, make sure that you already have Brizy Pro.

Alright, once everything is ready, let’s get started!

Go to the Brizy editor and continue adding a new block by clicking the (+) icon, which will bring you to the blocks library. Please select the Create your own option because we want to start creating everything from scratch.

Next, add a Carousel element by selecting it from the elements panel and then dragging and dropping it into the canvas area.

Step 2: Edit and Style Up the Carousel

As you can see above, the Carousel element loaded all the settings, and everything in add some default content. You’ve got four blank columns that you can scroll through. Its shows all information you want to add.

Now, it’s time to customize your carousel element. In this example, we want to create content about the new collections of bags in online shops. Some changes are we did as below:

  • Add a title of the content
  • Change the images and enable the Open in a Lightbox option
  • Edit and style up the text
  • Edit and style up the buttons

Let’s say you want to add another blocks column; you can come up to any of the columns and then click the Duplicate. Once you duplicate the column, you can edit and style it.

You can keep it like this if you think it is good enough. But, if you want more customization, you can go to the Carousel settings and play around with all the settings.

That’s it. Don’t forget to click the Save Draft button if you want to save the project.

The Bottom Line

One thing that any page builder may not have, but Brizy have is simplicity. Brizy can retain simplicity while pushing forward and expanding the features. With Brizy, creating a carousel is very seamless. This article shows you how to create carousel content in Brizy. You could have a lot of interactivity and combine the carousel with different components and elements. We hope this article is helpful for you and improve your skill in web designing.

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