How to Create a Rounded Image in Brizy

On the website, images are used for all kinds of reasons, as below:

  • Presenting products or services
  • Illustrating stories
  • Showing ads
  • Etc

There are many ways to make the images on our website look great and exciting to the visitors. This article will show you how to create a rounded, specifically circular image in Brizy. With Brizy, you can create a round image very easily. Brizy is a next-gen website builder that anyone can use. It just takes a few minutes to make a rounded image with Brizy.

How to Create a Circular Image in Brizy

Step 1: Add an Image Element

First of all, go to your Brizy editor. You can create a new page or edit the existing one. In this example, We will edit our testimonials page.

As you can see from the image above, there is no photo of the people who gave the testimonial. So right now, our job is to add a photo/ avatar for each person who shows a testimonial and make it rounded.

Well, we’re going to start with the middle column. Add an image into the middle column by selecting the image element from the elements panel and then dragging and dropping it into the middle column (between the testimonial and the people’s names who gave the testimonial). After that, add an image. For your information, we are using an image with a 512 width x 512 height aspect ratio.

Note: When you want to create a circular image, we recommend you add an image that has an aspect ratio that has the same values as the width and the height. It will make it easier to create circular images. Still, you can use an image with different values for width and height, but you need to adjust the image’s width and height manually.

Step 2: Setting the Image

Once you’ve added the image, set the image size to the Original. On the options toolbar, go to the Settings and click on it. Adjust the size as you want to. As your reference, we set the height at 18%.

Next, go to the Styling tab and click on it. Click the Styling option to open the settings panel, and you can start to make a rounded image by adjusting the toggle of the Corner option. You can change the corner value as you want to. In this example, we want to make a circular image, so we set the value that can make the image circular, and 30 px is good enough to make it circular.

As you can see from the image above, when we’ve set the corner value to 30 px, the photo/ avatar is rounded perfectly (circular). Play around with those settings and create your best-rounded image.

The Bottom Line

This article shows you how to create a rounded image in Brizy. With Brizy, applying corners to the image is seamless and effortless. We hope this article helps you to improve on customizing an image which is, in this case, a rounded image.

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Akbar Padma

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