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In August 2019, Elementor introduced its first edition of template kit. The purpose of a template is to streamline your workflow in creating a website with Elementor. An Elementor template kit is a set of templates designed specifically for a website type. Typically, a template kit consists of a homepage template, about page template, contact page template, header template, footer template, 404 page, and other templates according to the website type the template kit is designed for.

We want to join the party by releasing our first edition of template kit. In this first edition, we release a template kit designed specifically for copywriters, but you can also use it on any type of website, including a personal blog. To make it easy for the identifying, we will call this first template edition “Copywriter Template Kit”. Our Copywriter Template Kit consists of the following templates:

  • Homepage
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Blog page
  • 404 page
  • Services page
  • Footer
  • Header
  • Popup

How to use the Copywriter Template Kit

We provide a ZIP file for this template kit. After extracting the ZIP file, you will find 9 template files in a JSON format. You can simply import each JSON files one by one or import all templates at once by uploading the ZIP file. Visit this post to learn more about how to import an Elementor template.

We use JetElements to add a vertical timeline element on the homepage and the about page respectively since Elementor has no widget to add a vertical timeline element.

The Copywriter Template Kit uses a full-screen menu. We use Elementor’s popup builder to create this menu. If this menu doesn’t work, make sure to point the menu button to the Copywriter Template Kit’s popup template. By the way, we use the Icon widget for the menu button.

You download the Copywriter Template Kit from the form below. Before downloading the template kit, make sure you use Elementor Pro.


Some parts of this template kit contain breadcrumbs element. Make sure you have Yoast installed in order to have the breadcrumbs appear.

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