4 Best Coffee Shop Divi Child Themes

Divi is a multipurpose WordPress theme in which you can use it to create any type of website, including a coffee shop website. Be it with an e-commerce functionality or not. In Divi, you have three options to start creating your website: from scratch, from a layout pack, and from a child theme. If you plan to create your coffee shop website from a child theme, we have curated the best Divi child themes to get your website done. Read on to learn more.

There are at least two reasons why using a Divi child theme is a smarter choice. First, you can keep your Divi theme updated without worrying about your site. In some cases, when you update your theme to the newest version, it will ruin your site as updating process might overrides the settings you have made to your theme. That’s why most theme developers recommend you back up your website first before making an update. When you use a child theme on your WordPress site, you can update your parent theme any time once the newer version is available. You can update the parent theme comfortably and confidently as the changes will not be applied to your child theme. In other words, if there is something wrong about the update, it won’t affect your site as you use a child theme.

Second, using a Divi child theme can save you time in getting your website done. A Divi child theme is commonly packaged for a certain website type. It usually consists of theme customizer settings, theme builder settings, page layouts, and so on. The settings and layouts are stored in JSON files, which are available in the ZIP file of the associated child theme. You can simply import the JSON files according to their respective context. Some Divi child themes even come with importer to streamline your workflow.

Divi is a Great Theme to Create a Coffee Shop Website

Divi is a feature-rich WordPress theme. It comes with a built-in page builder — Divi Builder — that you can use to create and edit a page in a visual way. You can create a beautiful page using Divi Builder.

When it comes to coffee shop, Divi also allows you to create custom templates for WooCommerce pages in case you want to add an e-commerce functionality to your website. The WooCommerce pages you can create the custom templates of are:

  • Shop Page
  • Cart Page
  • Checkout Page
  • Customers’ Account Page
  • Single Product Page
  • Product Archive Pages (Tags and Categories)

You can read our previous article to learn how to create a customized WooCommerce website with Divi.

Best Coffee Shop Divi Child Themes

We have explored some resources to find Divi child themes for coffee shop websites. Here are the results:

1. Divi Cafe

The first Divi child theme we recommend to creating a coffee shop website is Divi Cafe. The child theme is available on the Divi Marketplace at $23. It offers page layouts as follows:

  • Homepage
  • About page
  • Services page
  • Blog page
  • Shop page
  • Contact page

You can import the layouts above to streamline your workflow.

The Divi Cafe child theme is a perfect option if you want to add an e-commerce functionality to your website. You can simply install the WooCommerce plugin on your website and import the Shop page layout offered by the child theme. On the homepage of the child theme, there is also a section dedicated to displaying the WooCommerce products. You can use this section to display your products like coffee beans, souvenirs, and so on. There is also a section to display your coffee shop menu item.

  • Price: $23.20
  • Designer: Paper Temple
  • Rating: [usr 4.5]

2. Esspressonal

Espressonal is a Divi child theme that has a unique design. You can click the PREVIEW button above to see the website demo that use the child theme.

The Espressonal Divi child theme can be used to create the profile website of your coffee shop. Unlike the Divi Cafe above, it offers no page layout dedicated to shop page. You have a page layout to display the types of coffees you offer, a page layout to display your company profile, a page layout to display the franchise info, and so on. There are 7 page layouts offered by Espressonal in total. You will also get custom templates for theme parts like the header, footer, and 404 page.

  • Price: $47.20
  • Designer:
  • Rating: [usr 4.5]

3. Divi Coffee

Divi Coffee is a Divi child theme offered by Divi Life, a prominent enough name in the Divi community. The child theme is also ideal to be used to create the profile of your coffee shop. The child theme itself comes with 6 page layouts as follows:

  • Homepage
  • About page
  • Menu page
  • Wholesale page
  • Blog page
  • Contact page

You don’t need to import the page layouts above manually one by one. The child theme comes with a one-click installation feature to import the layouts. On the homepage layout, there is a menu table section that you can use to display your coffee shop menu. The Divi Coffee child theme comes with a transparent header, which will turn into brown on page scroll.

  • Price: $49
  • Designer: Divi Life
  • Rating: [usr 4.7]

4. Divi Restro

Unlike the first three child themes above, Divi Restro is not designed specifically to create a coffee shop website. Instead, you can also use it to create other website types such as a restaurant website and the similar ones. You have a menu section on its homepage to display your coffee shop menu. There is also a page layout dedicated to displaying the menu. The child theme itself offers multiple layouts for each site parts. For instance, it offers 5 header layouts, 5 footer layouts, and 3 blog layouts.

The Divi Restro child theme itself is offered by Divi Extended. In addition to Divi child themes, Divi Extended also develops Divi plugins. Two popular Divi plugins developed by Divi Extended are Divi Plus and Divi Blog Extras.

  • Price: $49
  • Designer: Divi Extended
  • Rating: [usr 4.7]

The Bottom Line

Child theme is a great option if you want to create a WordPress-based website with Divi. As most Divi child themes offer page layouts, you don’t need to start everything from scratch. As a result, you can get your website done more quickly. The child themes we mentioned above are great to create a coffee shop website.

Divi itself is one of the most WordPress themes. It comes with a built-in page builder that you can use to create beautiful pages on your website. You don’t need to install an additional page builder plugin anymore. If you haven’t used Divi yet and plan to switch to it from your current theme, you can consider using a Divi Hosting for a better experience in creating a website with Divi. A Divi Hosting plan comes with Divi pre-installed.

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