How to Set the Elementor Accordion Widget Closed by Default

Updated: March 3, 2022

Elementor comes with an Accordion widget. Along with the Toggle widget, the Accordion widget is great to create sections like FAQ or the similar ones. When working with the Accordion widget, you can add as many items as you want. By default, the first item of the accordion is set to open and Elementor offers no default setting to make it closed. For some users, it is a bit annoying as the main purpose of adding accordion is to hide information and requires user interaction (clicking an accordion item) to display the information.

So, how to set all accordion items closed by default? You can use the following JavaScript to do so.

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
var delay = 100; setTimeout(function() {
 $('.elementor-tab-content').css('display', 'none'); }, delay);

You can use HTML widget to use the code above. Simply drag the HTML widget and place it right above the Accordion widget. Paste the code to the HTML Code field on the settings panel once the HTML widget is added

That’s it. You can update your page once you are done editing other elements.

If you have multiple accordions on your website and want to make them all closed by default, you can use a custom code instead. To do so, go to Elementor -> Custom Code on your WordPress dashboard. Click the Add new button to add a new custom code.

Give your custom code a name and paste the code. On the Location section, you can choose whether header, footer, or body. Your code will work at any location. Click the Publish button to apply the code.

Try to reload one of the pages on your website that contains an accordion to check the result.

While the Accordion is useful to create an FAQ section, you can only add the text content. Plus, there is no option to add the content from a template. You can only add the content manually using the offered classic editor. If you need to add an image accordion section to your page, you can use Elementor add-ons like JetElements and JetTabs.

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  • The default setting of Accordion widget is also a bit annoying for me. Thanks for sharing the trick

  • Simply doesn’t work at all. I did exactly as the tutorial describes and I’m surely a power user/coder. No effect.

    • Hi Jason,

      We have just updated the code. It works perfectly now 🙂

  • @Jason,

    yep, no effect at all! May be with elemtor pro it works but not with free version and not on of course not on mobile devices.

    • Hi Andy,
      We have just updated the code. Please try again 🙂

  • Hi , thank for your code, in my case , only work with firefox, not with google chrome

  • I have used this code for some time now and it has worked flawlessly! I just upgraded to Elementor v3.5.6 and Pro v3.6.3 and for some reason it doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Is there something in this update that is causing the issue? Maybe it’s just my site…

    • I have the same problem. The code works only when I am logged in. Elementor 3.6.2

  • Hi, I’m using Elementor Free version and script works well with firefox but not with google chrome

  • How do you make the second accordian item only show?
    BTW for the people having issues with this blog’s code, here’s a code that works:

    Here’s the correct code: /* Hides the first accordion item */
    .elementor-accordion .elementor-accordion-item:first-child {
    display: none;


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