How to Change the Single Post Template on Monstroid2

Updated: January 15, 2020

There are over 60 skins offered by Monstroid2. Each skin is basically a demo of an actual website. The skins offered by Monstroid2 ranging from static websites to dynamic websites. Those skins prove that Monstroid2 is a really multipurpose WordPress theme.

As a multipurpose WordPress theme, Monstroid2 allows you to change the default single post template so you can select one best suited to your website. There are 10 single post templates offered by Monstroid2. You can set one as the default single post template for your website. Or, you can select a single post template for individual posts, which you can set when creating a new post.

To set a single post template as the default single post template for the entire website, go to the Monstroid2 theme panel (Monstroid2 -> Monstroid2). Click the Settings tab and scroll down to the Default Single Post Template section. Select the single post template from the dropdown menu. Don’t forget to click the Save button to apply the new change.

Monstroid2 allows you to publish a new article with a different single post template from the default single post template. You can simply set the single post template for your new article on the Post Attributes section on the right panel of the WordPress editor.

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