Brizy Pro: 15 Great Features You Can Unlock

Do you want to upgrade to Brizy Pro but still have some doubt about its features? In this post, we will disclose the features you will get from Brizy Pro.

Brizy is a perfect WordPress page builder for agencies for two main reasons. First, it has a pro plan dedicated to agencies. Compared to Elementor, the agency plan offered by Brizy is way cheaper. Second, Brizy offers a white-label feature to allow you to legally rebrand Brizy on your clients’ sites.

Brizy itself is a freemium plugin and upgrading to the pro version is the only way extend the free version functionality as Brizy doesn’t support add-ons like Elementor and Divi Builder. What features available on Brizy Pro? That are what we will discuss in this post.

15 Great Brizy Pro Features

1. Theme Builder

Theme builder is one of the features offered by Brizy Pro. This feature allows you to create custom templates to replace the default templates of your theme parts. If you haven’t heard about theme builder before, you can read our previous article to learn more about theme builder. You can also read another article of ours that covers WordPress theme vs theme builder.

PHP knowledge is not required to create custom templates of theme parts using Brizy. You can do so using Brizy visual editor. The following are the theme parts you can create the custom templates of, using Brizy Pro.

  • Single post
  • Page
  • 404 page
  • Category pages
  • Tag pages
  • Author page
  • Search results page

When creating a custom template, you can set the display conditions. For instance, when creating a custom single post template, you can assign the template to be applied to a specific post, posts under certain categories, posts written by certain authors, and so on. You can go Brizy -> Templates to create a new custom template.

What about header and footer?

Unlike other theme parts we mentioned above, Brizy Pro doesn’t allow you to create custom templates for header or footer. Instead, Brizy uses a different method to create a custom header and custom footer. Brizy offers two blocks dedicated to creating both custom header and custom footer. You can read our previous article to learn how to create a custom header and custom footer in Brizy.

2. WooCommerce Builder

WooCommerce is a popular WordPress plugin to allow you to create an e-commerce website using WordPress. Today, most page builder plugins come with a feature to allow you to customize every single part of WooCommerce. Brizy is no exception. With the pro version of Brizy, you can create custom templates to replace the default templates of WooCommerce parts, including:

  • Single product page
  • Shop page
  • Product category page
  • Product tag page
  • Search product page

Again, you don’t need to master PHP to create WooCommerce custom templates. You can use the following Brizy elements when creating a custom template for WooCommerce using Brizy Pro:

  • Product Title
  • Content
  • Product Price
  • Add to Cart
  • Stock Info
  • SKU
  • Product Meta
  • Rating
  • Attributes
  • Upsell
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Product Review
  • Products
  • Cart

3. Mega Menu Builder

It’s exceedingly rare to find a page builder that comes with a built-in feature to create a mega menu. In Elementor, for instance, you have to install JetMenu. But Brizy is an exception. When you create a custom header using Brizy Pro, you can use the Menu element to add a navigation menu to your header.

You can then click a menu item and enable the Mega Menu option to turn it into a mega menu. Next, you can simply add the content you like to your mega menu. From blog post, WooCommerce product, image, and so on.

You can read our previous article to learn more about how to create a mega menu in Brizy.

4. Popup Builder

Need to create popups on your WordPress site? Brizy Pro is also capable of handling the job thanks to its built-in popup builder feature. The popup builder of of Brizy is pretty similar to Elementor’s and JetPopup. However, a popup you created with Brizy will only appear on pages or templates created with Brizy as well. In other words, if you use the default single post template of your theme (instead of creating a custom single post template using Brizy), the popup won’t appear.

To access the popup builder offered by Brizy Pro, you can go to Brizy -> Popups. While you can create a popup from scratch, there are over 40 ready-made popup templates you can choose from to streamline your workflow.

The popup builder of Brizy supports the following trigger types:

  • On page load
  • On click
  • After inactivity
  • On page exit intent
  • Show after X
  • On scroll
  • Arriving from

In addition, you can also set a popup to appear based on the following rules:

  • Device type (desktop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Arriving from a certain URL
  • Hide for logged in users
  • Cookie
  • Operating system

You can also set the display conditions, meaning that you can set where the popup to appear. Whether on the entire website or specific pages only.

5. Dynamic Content

How do you describe WordPress? A blogging tool? A publishing tool? or a content management system?

One clear thing. You can use WordPress to create a dynamic website. From a personal blog, business-oriented blog, news portal, online magazine, and so on. WordPress itself consists of dynamic components that shape pages. For instance, on the single post, you will find components like post title, post meta, featured post, post content, comment box, and so on.

The Brizy Pro theme builder offers you a freedom to set the layout of those components by creating custom templates. You can use the following elements to add dynamic content to a custom template or page.

  • Post Title
  • Post Content
  • Post Excerpt
  • Post Meta (date, time, category, author)
  • Author Name
  • Author Bio
  • Post Tags
  • Site Title
  • Site Tagline
  • Archive Title
  • Archive Description

6. Custom Fields

For a certain need, you are not enough with the default dynamic content of WordPress. Say you have a project to create a movie database website whereby you are obliged to add data like genre, director, producer, writer, and so on — on the single movie page. For such as case, you can create custom fields to store those required data. Brizy Pro allows you to add dynamic content from custom fields. It is compatible with the following WordPress custom field plugins:

  • ACF (Advanced Custom Fields)
  • Pods
  • Meta Box
  • Toolset

We have covered how to add custom fields in Brizy on our previous article. You can read it to learn more.

7. Third-Party Integrations

Both Brizy Free and Brizy Pro allow you to add a form to your page using the Form element. However, only on Brizy Pro you can integrate your form with a marketing tool like MailerLite and ActiveCampaign. Here are the third-party services you can integrate your form with:

Brizy itself has a built-in lead management feature to allow you to manage leads. You can go to Brizy -> Leads to access this feature. Brizy allows you to export the collected leads into a CSV file for further processing using Excel or your favorite tool.

8. Custom CSS

Although Brizy allows you to create stylish pages without adding CSS code, you can use your CSS knowledge to apply unique styling using your own CSS code. The feature also allows you to apply CSS features that not available on Brizy yet. For instance, you can apply CSS transform to add an attractive hover effects to a certain element on your Brizy page.

9. 500+ Ready-Made Templates

Just like other page builder plugins, Brizy also comes with ready-made templates to streamline your workflow. If you use Brizy Free, you will find some templates labelled PRO, meaning that the templates are only accessible by Brizy Pro users. Brizy itself offers 500+ ready-made templates in total. Upgrading to the pro version allows you to use all those templates.

10. 40+ Elements

If you upgrade your Brizy to the pro version, you will access to all Brizy elements, including advanced elements like Carousel, Posts, Playlist. Here is the list of the elements offered by Brizy Pro:

  • Carousel
  • Gallery
  • Rating
  • Playlist
  • Table
  • Timeline
  • Switcher
  • Lottie
  • Search
  • Login
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Comments
  • Posts
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Post Title
  • Post Excerpt
  • Post Content
  • Post Info
  • Post Navigation

If you have WooCommerce installed, you will also see some WooCommerce elements like Products and Cart. Along with the free elements, the total elements you will have after upgrading to Brizy Pro is over 40.

11. Role Manager

Every user on your WordPress site has access to the dashboard, regardless of their role. If you want to add a new user yet don’t want to give access to WordPress dashboard, Brizy Pro can help. Brizy Pro allows you to create custom roles to allow you to add a group of new users without dashboard access. This feature is great if you have a membership website built with Brizy. You can go to Users -> Roles to add a new user role. Once created, you can assign the role to the new users you want to add.

FYI, Brizy also allows you to show/hide blocks based on user role. You can combine the feature with Role Manager to create a membership site. In addition to adding a new user role, the Role Manager of Brizy also allows you to restrict the Brizy editor.

12. Custom Fonts

Brizy comes integrated with Google Fonts, allowing you to use all the font families available on the Google Fonts library. Want to use your own font families? Brizy Pro allows you to do so. You can read our previous article to learn how to add a new font in Brizy. Unfortunately, Brizy doesn’t support direct integration with Adobe Fonts. To add a font from Adobe Fonts, you need to download the font file first. The font formats supported by Brizy are:

  • TTF
  • EOT
  • WOFF
  • WOFF 2

13. CSS Filters

CSS filters allow you to apply visual effects to an image and video in Brizy. For instance, you can set the brightness level, saturation, and hue to an image directly from the Brizy editor. There are 4 CSS filters supported by Brizy:

  • Contrast
  • Brightness
  • Saturation
  • Hue

To use this feature, you can simply click the Filters tab on the image/video settings bar. You can only see this tab if you use Brizy Pro. You can then slide the sliders to set the CSS filters.

14. Block Conditions

Previously, you had to edit every single page and template on your WordPress site to add a custom header or footer with Brizy. With the release of Block Conditions, the cumbersome is no more. You can now set display conditions to both the header block and footer block. But first, you need to set the block as a global block.

The Block Conditions work on regular Brizy blocks as well, allowing you to set where a certain block to appear on your website.

15. White Label

As we said in the opening section, Brizy is a perfect page builder for agencies as it comes with a white-label feature. With this feature, you can remove the Brizy attributes on the WordPress dashboard of your clients’ site. Such as the Brizy labels and the Brizy icon or logo. And it’s legal to do so. However, you need to subscribe to the Lifetime plan to use this feature. It is not available on the Personal plan and the Studio plan.

The Bottom Line

You can use Brizy whether for personal use or for your clients’ sites. If you are an agency, Brizy is a more reasonable option to reduce the production cost, at least when compared to Elementor whereby you now need to spend $999 per year to subscribe to the Agency plan. In Brizy, you just need to pay $99 (for unlimited sites).

Brizy is not merely a page builder. It’s a comprehensive site builder. Not only it allows you to create beautiful pages, but you can also use Brizy to create custom templates for your theme parts, add custom fields, display custom post type content, create popups, and so on. Upgrading to Brizy Pro allows you to access all these pro features.

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