How to Add Breadcrumbs in Brizy

When reading an SEO article on the internet, one of the advices you get might is to add breadcrumbs to your website. Breadcrumbs are indeed a crucial element of SEO (on-page optimization more precisely). They allow search engines to better understand the link structure on your website. In addition, breadcrumbs offer better navigation as your visitors will easily learn where they are right now. Today, some WordPress themes and page builders offer a built-in feature to add breadcrumbs. Including Brizy.

New to Brizy?

It is a simple yet powerful page builder plugin that comes with a theme builder feature which you can use to create custom templates for your theme parts, including the single post template. When creating a custom single post template with Brizy, you can add the breadcrumbs. Of course, you can also add breadcrumbs to other templates or pages, not limited to single post template.

How to add breadcrumbs in Brizy

In case you are new to Brizy, you can read our previous article to learn how to use Brizy. In this article, we will go straight to adding the breadcrumbs element. One thing to note, the Breadcrumbs element is only available on the pro version of Brizy, so you need to upgrade your Brizy to the pro version in case you haven’t done sone.

Once you are ready, drag the Breadcrumbs element to the canvas area.

As you can see, the Breadcrumbs element will automatically add the breadcrumbs to the page/template you are working on.

Styling up the breadcrumbs

Once the breadcrumbs are added to your page/template, you can style them up to make them look more compelling. To do so, click the Breacrumbs element on the canvas area to open the settings bar. First, you can set the space between elements on the breadcrumbs by clicking the WordPress icon on the appearing settings bar.

Next, you can set the typography (font family, font size) of the breadcrumbs by clicking the Typography icon on the appearing settings bar.

To set the colors of the links as well the arrows, you can click the Colors icon. When setting the color of the links, you can set both the normal state and the hover state. You can simply click the icons on the left side to switch between states.

To set the alignment of the breadcrumbs, you can click the Align icon on the settings bar. To apply advanced settings such as padding and margin, you can click the gear icon on the settings bar to open the settings panel.

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