Boosted Elements, An Affordable Non-Subscription Add-on for Elementor

One of the big issues about Elementor that many users complain about is it only accepts subscription-based payment. The issue is getting more complicated as most Elementor add-ons also adopt the same business model. Some popular add-ons like JetElements and Essential Addons actually offer a one-time purchase option, but they require you to spend money in a large enough amount.

Boosted Elements can be a solution if you are looking for an affordable premium Elementor add-on that doesn’t require to pay a subscription fee. This add-on pricing only $22.

Boosted Elements will add 20 extra widgets to your Elementor once you install it. All of these widgets are not available on the free version of Elementor. Well, there is a widget (Advanced Button) that basically already available in Elementor Free, but the Advanced Button from Boosted Elements comes with more advanced options than Elementor Free’s native Button widget.

In this post, we will provide a short review of this simple, yet useful add-on.

Boosted Elements Widgets

Boosted Elements offers only 20 extra widgets, way fewer than JetElements and Essential Addons which offer more than 30 extra widgets, respectively. But, the widgets offered by Boosted Elements are very functional. There is a widget to work with the dynamic content of WordPress (blog posts in this case) and useful widgets to create specific pages (such as a pricing page, team page or restaurant menu page).

Here is the list of the widgets offered by Boosted Elements.

  • Advanced Button
  • Floating Button
  • Contact Form 7
  • Image Comparison
  • Image Slideshow
  • PopUp Modal
  • Price/Menu
  • Scroll Navigation
  • Team Member
  • Categories (for WooCommerce)
  • Add to Cart (for WooCommerce)
  • Products (for WooCommerce)
  • Slider
  • Pricing Table
  • Post List
  • Maps
  • Image Grid
  • Flip Box
  • Countdown
  • Animated Typing

With those widgets, you can add creative elements to the page you are working on, which you cannot accomplish with Elementor Free. For instance, you can add a countdown element to an event landing page, your team members on a team page, an animated flip box, a pricing table on the plan page, and so on.

Here are the key widgets of Boosted Elements:

  • Post List

Elementor Pro has a widget called Posts. This widget is used to display the latest posts on your website. The Posts widget is great if you are designing the homepage of your website. You can display the latest posts on your website on any section of your homepage.

The Post List widget of Boosted Elements has the same functionality as Elementor Pro’s Posts widget. You can also use it to display the latest posts on your website.

This widget will automatically load the 12 latest posts on your website once you add it to the canvas. From the Query option under the Content tab, you can set the articles that appear. You can filter the articles by author, category, and tag.

The query options offered by this widget are not much different from the Elementor Pro’s Posts widget. When you open the Pagination option, you will see more options. There are three pagination styles offered by this widget: numbers, infinite load, and load more button. All of the elements on this widget are customizable. Be it the image, excerpt, metadata, and pagination.

There are two post layouts offered by this widget: Default and overlay.

  • Popup Modal

The pro version of Elementor comes with a Popup Builder, allowing you to create popups without installing an extra WordPress plugin. Boosted Elements also has a widget to create a popup, although not as fancy as Elementor Pro’s Popup Builder. The widget is Popup Modal.

The Popup Modal widget is useful enough to display a welcome popup or promotional banner popups. The popup content can be created directly from the settings panel. You can also display a popup from a template.

There are two trigger types you can use to display the popup: button click ad image click. There is also an option to automatically display the popup once a page is loaded.

The features offered by the Popup Modal of Boosted Elements are limited enough compared to Elementor Pro’s Popup Builder or JetPopup, but this widget is useful enough to create a simple popup as mentioned above.

  • Image Comparison

Elementor — be it free or pro — has no widget to add an image comparison element to a page. You will need this widget when creating a page to promote a service like a photo editing service, dentist, makeup artist and so on. It useful to display a before-after comparison like the following.

  • Pricing Table

You can actually create a pricing table using Elementor Free by combining the available widgets, but it a bit time-consuming. In Elementor Pro, you can effortlessly create a pricing table using the Price Table widget. Boosted Elements also has a widget with the same functionality: Pricing Table.

Unfortunately, the default styling of this widget is a bit confusing since everything is set to the same color (blue). So, all you see when adding the widget (before making any styling option) is a blue box. You need to at least change the background to see the real pricing table.

  • Team Member

The Team Member widget is useful enough when you are creating a startup website or any website type that has a team. Be it Elementor Free or Elementor Pro has no specific widget dedicated to creating a team member. Boosted Elements has a Team Member widget that allows you to effortlessly create add a team member to a page you are working on. You can add elements like image, name, job position, and image social icons to each team member.

  • Price/Menu

This widget is especially useful to create a restaurant website as you can display the menu you offer as well as the price of each item on the menu. Elementor also has a native widget to create a price list, but only available on the pro version.

  • Slider and Image Slideshow

If you have ever noticed, some websites have a slideshow on the section of their homepage that showcases the main content or service they offer. With Elementor, you don’t need to install any extra plugin to add an element like that one as Elementor has a Slides widget. But again, this widget is only available on Elementor Pro.

Boosted Elements comes with a Slider widget that allows you to add a slideshow element to your page. Each slide can contain text and button. There is also an option to add an overlay to the background of each slide.

In addition to Slider, Boosted Elements also comes with an Image Slideshow widget that allows you to create an image gallery. This widget is great to create a photography website.

  • Flip Box and Animated Typing

Flip Box and Animated Typing are great widgets to add animated elements to your page. The Flip Box widget allows you to add animated content like the following.

While the Animated Typing allows you to add animated content like this one:

In addition to the key widgets above, there are several other widgets offered by Boosted Elements. If you use WordPress to create an e-commerce website, there are three widgets you will love about: Categories, Add to Chart, and Product.


Templates are great to get your website up and running quickly. At the time of writing (December 28, 2019), Boosted Elements is available in version 2.7. This version comes with 14 templates. Here are some of them.

Each template basically demonstrates how Boosted Elements widgets are supposed to use. But if find them fit the need of your website, you can definitely use them.

Unlike, — for instance, JetElements –, the templates offered by Boosted Elements are not included in the plugin. We mean, Boosted Elements doesn’t add the templates to the Elementor template library. Boosted Elements only provides the JSON files of the templates, you need to import them manually one by one. You can read this post in case you have no idea how to import an Elementor template.


Technical support is a crucial enough thing to consider before you buy an online product. To be honest, we haven’t had any experience with the technical support of Boosted Elements so we cannot say whether the technical support of this add-on is good or not.

But, if you need technical support, the Boosted Elements team is there to help. They can be reached via Ticksy.

How to Install Boosted Elements

Boosted Elements is basically a WordPress plugin so you can install it via the plugin manager of WordPress.

You can get Boosted Elements on Codecanyon. From Codecanyon, you will get a ZIP file. Unzip this file to get another ZIP file named This is the file you need to install.

After installing and activating the plugin, you will see 20 new widgets on your Elementor.

The Verdict

Boosted Elements is a nice add-on if you want to enhance your experience in using Elementor, yet lazy enough to upgrade to Pro since you hate the subscription-based payment model. The widgets offered by this widget are not plenty enough compared to other premium Elementor add-ons like JetElements and Essential Addons, but they are very functional.

Some WordPress themes — such as White Rock, Solus, Wise Mountain, and MudRace — offer Boosted Elements as one of the default features. Boosted Elements is specifically a great solution if you are looking for an affordable non-subscription Elementor add-on.

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