7 Best Custom Login Page Plugins for WordPress

Some WordPress users might not realize that they can customize their login page of the WordPress site. Or maybe they are pretty satisfied with the appearance of the default WordPress login page. Customizing the WordPress login page has many benefits. One of the advantages is designing a website for your clients; it makes you look professional and stand out from other web designers.

Many WordPress plugins can provide you to customize the login page; some plugins are free, and some are not. This article will show you the 5+ best custom login page plugins for WordPress as your reference.

7 Best Custom Login Page Plugins for WordPress

1. LoginPress

LoginPress is one of the most popular custom login page plugins in the WordPress directory, with more than 200,000 active installations. With LoginPress, you can customize the fields to change the layout of the login page of WordPress. The customization of this plugin is exhaustive. Such as forgot error messages, login error messages, registration error messages, etc.

This plugin is free, but you can upgrade to the premium version if you are interested in the premium features such as pre-designed login templates, Google Fonts, Google ReCaptcha, LoginPress Addons, etc. LoginPress gives you four premium package options that you can choose for your needs.

2. Elementor Pro

Elementor is the most popular page builder plugin for WordPress. You can use it to create the core static pages of your website such as homepage, about page, contact page, and so on. In addition, Elementor also allows you to create custom pages for WordPress login and page and registration page. Elementor already has a built-in widget — the Login widget — to create both a custom login page and custom registration page. The widget is available on the pro version.

When creating a custom login page using the Login widget of Elementor Pro, you can set a redirect page after a successful login, style up the button, enable/disable lost password link, set a custom message, and so on. You can create a beautiful login page using the visual editor of Elementor.

3. Custom Login Page Customizer

With Custom Login Page Customizer, you can easily customize your login page with a simple user interface. This plugin is free and doesn’t have a premium version. Still, this plugin provides you to edit many following features are below:

  • Templates
  • Background
  • Logo
  • Form
  • Fields
  • Button
  • Custom CSS and JavaScript
  • etc.

This plugin has three free pre-designed login templates that you can select as your preference.

4. Feather Login Page

As you can see from the plugin’s name, Feather Login Page is lightweight and easy to use. The login page designs are entirely designable. You can customize the template, logo, background, form container, form background, form labels, form input, form styles, button background, footer links, and form text, and so on.

What makes this plugin so unique? Feather Login Page is free and has seven beautiful pre-designed login templates that you can use according to your brand and your website characteristics, and all of it is free. Last but not least, besides from a login page designer, this plugin provides you with other customizations such as below:

  • Custom Login URL
  • Expirable Login Link
  • Limit Login Attempts

5. Digits: WordPress Mobile Number Signup and Login

Digits provides you give your users to sign up and log in without the need to remember passwords. This plugin will make you look professional as a website designer because you offer another way to sign up and log in. Just using the phone number and one-time password (OTP) on SMS.

This plugin is not free; you need to buy a license to use this plugin. But with the features that the plugin offers to you, in our opinion is worth buying. It will bring your login page to the next level with an interactive page builder, having 50+ elements and thousands of options that you can use.

There are some key features that you might consider when buying this plugin as below:

  • Free Unlimited SMS
  • No Coding required
  • Robust, Instant, and Secure
  • Developer Friendly
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • white Labeled (No branding from Digits even on messages)
  • Your Data (All accounts users are created as WordPress users and saved on your database)

6. Social Login

This plugin allows you or your clients to log in with social networks. There are40+ social networks that you can put on the login page, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. What makes this plugin so interesting is possible if you combine another login page plugin with this plugin. For example, we designed our login page with Feather Login Page and Social Login as below:

Social Login is a free plugin, but you can upgrade to the premium version to get some premium features. Such as below:

  • More unique login users per year
  • More allowed domains
  • Advanced support
  • etc

7. Saragna WorfPress Plugin

Saragna WordPress Plugin is very special. You can create a custom login page being looks standout. Everyone can use this plugin; it’s fully automatic and compatible with all recent versions of WordPress! This plugin has 10 Styles, 30+ prebuilt layouts, Ajax login, Google ReCaptcha, and many more available features. This plugin is not free, but if you want your login page looks attractive and engaging at the same time, in our opinion is worth buying.

The Bottom Line

This article shows you the 5+ best custom login page plugins for WordPress with different characteristics and specialties. You can select one of any of them as your preference. If your WordPress site is built with Elementor, you don’t need to install and extra plugin as Elementor (the pro version) comes with a Login widget which you can add to your custom login page.

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