How to Integrate AWeber with Elementor

Unlike other email marketing tools like MailChimp, MailerLite, and ConvertKit, Elementor has no native integration support with AWeber. If you use AWeber and want to integrate your account with an Elementor-powered website, you need to install an additional plugin called AWeber for WordPress. You can get it from the official plugin repository of WordPress. The plugin will add a new widget — called AWeber — which you can use to load an existing form from your AWeber account. You can use this widget if you use Elementor Free.

If you use Elementor Pro, you can set the form action to AWeber when creating a subscription form.

Just like other third-party services, you need to connect your AWeber account with Elementor first to start the integration.

Connecting AWeber with Elementor

Before getting started, make sure you have installed and activated the AWeber for WordPress plugin. If you have done so, go to AWeber -> Settings on your WordPress dashboard.

On the Connect tab, click the Get Started button.

You will be directed to a new tab to generate an authorization code. Login with your AWeber account and click the Allow Access button or simply hit the enter key on the keyboard.

Copy the generated authorization code and close the tab.

Switch back to your WordPress dashboard tab and paste the authorization code you have just copied and click the Finish button.

Go to the Advanced Options tab and select a list on each option and click the Save button on the bottom-right corner.

Creating an AWeber subscription form

Elementor Free

Create or edit an Elementor page/template you want to add the AWeber form to. On the Elementor editor, add the AWeber widget to the canvas area.

Go the settings panel. Under the Content tab, select a list as well as a form on your AWeber account.

Publish/update the page/template once you are done editing it.

Elementor Pro

Create or edit an Elementor page/template you want to add the AWeber form to. On the Elementor editor, add the Form widget to the canvas area.

Set the fields you want to add to your form on the Form Fields block under the Content tab. Once done, open the Action After Submit block. Add a new form action and select AWeber.

The step above would add a new block called AWeber. Open this block and select a list on your AWeber account. You can also add tags if you want to. Also set the field mapping according to the fields on your form.

Go to the Style tab to style up your form. Once you are done, publish/update your page/template.

That’s it!

In case you are new to Elementor, you can read the beginners’ guide we wrote to learn how to use Elementor.

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