ARForms: Top Featured Form Builder Plugin for WordPress

For developing forms, WordPress provides a large number of plugins. Forms, whether primary registration forms or complicated forms, will be required by users at some point.

Just having a contact form plugin isn’t enough! It is best to find an ultimate solution for consumers looking for the correct form to post on their website.

Let’s put that aside; website owners understand the importance of attracting visitors to their sites and converting them into leads.

A WordPress webmaster, in particular, must design a variety of forms, including pop-up forms, survey forms, contact forms, multi-column forms, and so on.

It is not always simple!

Creating intricate forms necessitates a great deal of effort. Therefore, you’ll need a lot of time to do this!

As a result, we’ve devised a method that will allow even the most inexperienced user to develop complicated forms without hitting any roadblocks. To start constructing complex forms, use the ARForms WordPress Form Builder plugin. This WordPress Form creator is described in this post.

A Quick Overview of ARForms Features, a WordPress Plugin That Lets You Create Custom Forms.

The ARForms WordPress Form Builder plugin is a one-stop-shop for creating any type of form with no technical knowledge required.

Even if you have no coding or design knowledge, you may utilize the WordPress Form Builder plugin.

The goal of this post is to introduce you to the ARForms WordPress Form Builder plugin and its features review, which is a one-stop-shop for developing and integrating any type of form into your WordPress site.

ARForms’ User Interface and Experience

This plugin has an excellent UI (User Interface) with easy drag-and-drop capabilities, allowing you to add a range of items to the form as well as a variety of style options, allowing the form to be configured pleasantly.

Various Form Styles

  1. Rounded Style
  2. Standard Style
  3. Material Style

Real-Time Editing Forms

The Real-Time Editor in the WordPress Form creator can help you create the form with a simple drag and drop option.

Completely Responsive Design

Any type of form you design with this WordPress Form maker plugin will be totally responsive on any device, which is one of its best advantages. Below shown a material style login form demo design.

Conditional Rule and Mathematical Computation

Conditional Rules and Mathematical Calculation are two useful features present in a form with a wide range of product categories.

You can use a conditional rule to show the list of the related things for their chosen category if you want to present a form with many types where your site visitors can select their desired goods from their chosen category.

Pop-Ups Abound on the Site.

Site-Wide Pop-Ups is another beautiful feature of this WordPress Form Builder plugin. Users can show subscription forms or contact forms on any WordPress page or post with this excellent feature.

Email Marketing Tool Integration with ARForms

ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, IContact, GetResponse, Aweber, Constant Contact, Madmini, HubSpot, ConvertKit, and other widely used email marketing solutions are supported and integrated with this form builder. You can see an example of a contact form below.

Forms with Multiple Steps Should Include a Page Break.

If you have a long-form survey or an order form, you can divide it up and shorten it by presenting it in multiple steps.

You Can Customize the Image in the Radio Buttons

To add photos to radio buttons and display custom images in radio buttons, simply enable the “Use Image over Option” option.

Built-in Analytics

One of ARForms’ most delicate features is the analytics tool, which allows you to view form entries and views daily, monthly, and annual.

Submit Action

The Submit Action feature can be used for a variety of things, including “displaying a thank you message after a visitor submits the form,” setting a redirect URL, displaying content from another page of your website, and even sending SMS using SMS gateways like Twilio, Nexmo, Clickatell, and SMSGlobal.

Integration of a Payment Gateway and other Add-Ons

Whether customers want to add a payment gateway or purchase add-ons like Paypal, PayPal Pro, Stripe, PayFast, etc. The ARForms WordPress Form Builder gives them both options. A screenshot below illustrates a payment form created via form builder using the custom design tool.

Finally, Some Thoughts

Finally, you can rest assured that using the ARForms WordPress Form Builder will make creating any form a breeze. Consequently, there are no limits to your WordPress form visualisation when it comes to combining the functionality and employing the complex features of this WordPress Form Plugin.

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  1. Don’t waste your money on this. I have had it since November, 2022 and have never gotten it to send emails. I bought 6 months extra support when I purchased. Support is worthless. They replied to me one time with some suggestions to get it working. They didn’t work and now they have gone silent, won’t respond to me.


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