How to Add Shape Divider in Brizy

In the context of page builder, a shape divider has at least two functions. First, you can use it as some kind of a separator between sections. Second, you can use it to add a decorative element to a section. Just like other page builder plugins, Brizy also allows you to add a shape divider to a section (called block in Brizy). You can add a shape divider to both the top side and the bottom side of a block. In case you are new to Brizy, this article will show you how to add a shape divider in a block.

Brizy offers about forty-four shape divider styles you can choose from. You can customize a shape divider by changing its color and setting its size. Here are some examples of the shape divider styles offered by Brizy.

How to Add a Shape Divider in Brizy

The feature to add a shape divider is available on both versions of Brizy (read: Brizy Free vs Pro) so don’t need to upgrade to the pro version if you don’t need to. If you are new to Brizy, you can read our previous article to learn how to work with a block in Brizy.

First, hover your mouse over the block you want to add the shape divider to and click the mixer icon to open the settings bar. On the settings bar, click the gear icon followed by More Settings to open the settings panel.

Under the Styling tab on the settings panel, go to the Dividers option to add a divider. You can simply select a shape divider style from the dropdown menu.

After selecting a shape divider style, you can set the color as well as size the color.

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