How to Add Pagination in Brizy

Updated: August 15, 2022

Brizy is one of the easiest tools to create and design websites, blogs, online shops, and many more with WordPress. One of the essential parts of web design is navigation. Because navigation contributes to user experience, it helps you allow users to access the information they want as quickly as possible by presenting an enjoyable, intuitive layout while increasing ease of use.

Pagination is one component that helps you navigate the website more easily. Pagination is used to return data and display it on multiple pages within one web page.

This article will show you how to add pagination in Brizy. To add pagination in Brizy is very easy. If you are new to Brizy, we hope this article is helpful for you.

Steps to Add Pagination in Brizy

Step 1: Add a Posts Element

Before starting the tutorial, we would like to inform you that we will give you an example of adding pagination on the Posts element. Whereby the Post element is only available on the Brizy Pro version. So, make sure that you’ve already upgraded to the Brizy Pro.

Alright, once everything is ready, let’s get started!

Go to the Brizy editor and continue to add a new block by clicking the (+) icon. This will bring you to the Blocks library. Please select the Create your own option because we want to start creating everything from scratch.

Next, add the Posts element by selecting it from the Elements panel and then dragging and dropping it into the canvas area.

Note: Ensure you’ve already posted some posts on your site.

Step 2: Adding Pagination to Pages

Once the Posts element is added, go to the Posts settings and click on it. Once you enter the Posts settings, go to the Navigation tab and enable the Pagination option by sliding the toggle to the right.

As you can see from the GIF above, pagination is added to the page. You can customize the Navigation, such as tags and pagination spacing, or edit and style up the Posts as you prefer.

Don’t forget to save your project by clicking the Save Draft button or the Publish Page button if you want to publish it.

The Bottom Line

Pagination is crucial enough on dynamic websites like online shops, blogs, online magazines, etc. In Brizy, you can use the Posts element to display multiple pages within one web page. You can also add pagination to the Posts element, making your visitors navigate your site easier. This article shows you how to add pagination in Brizy; we hope this article is helpful for you and improve your skill in web designing.

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