How to Add Dynamic Content in Divi

Every module can become a dynamic element in Divi. From the title, post content, featured image, site logo, and even the custom field which has many uses for your default post type and custom post type.

There is some definition for dynamic content, from content that changes from user behavior, preference, or interest, however, that’s all is an advanced application of dynamic content.

Dynamic content basically is the type of content that change based on data and condition you provide to the element and can be recalled in some ways without manually creating the data again.

We will take the example of the site title, sure you can manually type it and it will become a static title, however when you change your site title in the future when it’s already called on many pages or posts then you have to adjust all those titles manually. And that’s when dynamic titles come in handy.

How to Add Dynamic Content in Divi

To add dynamic content in Divi, you can use existing dynamic content modules like Post Title and Post Content, or you can add dynamic content into other modules such as image module, text module, blurb module, and many more. And we will demonstrate them in this article.

Let’s start by opening the Divi Theme Builder, then add a new template by clicking the plus icon and selecting All PostsCreate Template. Continue by clicking Adding a Custom BodyBuild Custom Body to make a default template for all the posts on your website.

In the Divi Builder editor, create the first row with any layout to add the module.

Post Title Module

In Divi, Post Title Module has many elements included that you can set to appear alongside the title. They are:

  • Post Meta
  • Post Author
  • Post Date
  • Post Categories
  • Comment Count
  • Featured Image

You can change those elements’ style in the Design tab, like the font, text size, and animation then in the Advanced tab you can give further customization and visibility conditions to the module.

Post Content Module

As the module name suggests, it is literally a module that will pull out your post content to appear anywhere you place the module.

How to Use Dynamic Content on Any Module in Divi

Adding dynamic content to any module in Divi is very easy and can be done with very few steps.

Let’s try it with the blurb module. Start by adding a Blurb module into the row in the Divi editor.

Almost all blurb settings in the Content tab namely:

  • Title
  • Body
  • Image & Icon
  • Link
  • Background

Can utilize dynamic content just by clicking on the dynamic icon .

Let’s try to make the blurb title refer to the post title, the body text refers to the post excerpt, and the image refers to the featured image. From the Content tab of the Blurb SettingsTitle, click on the dynamic icon then a list of dynamic content that we can use will appear, then select the Post/Archive Title.

Continue to the Body option, similar to the title, click on the dynamic icon to add dynamic content, then select the Post Excerpt option for the blurb content.

And now for the image, scroll down a little to the Image & Icon, the steps are a little different because we need to delete the default image to make the dynamic icon appear so we can click on it. Proceed to delete the default image by clicking on the trash bin icon then click on the dynamic icon to select the Featured Image option from the dynamic content list.

Let’s save the template and create a new post with it.

We just create a simple post using Gutenberg with a Castle Fairy Tale as the title then random lorem ipsum as the content, then use a castle image as the featured image.

Let’s view it on the front end of the website.

As you can see in the above image, the blurb title is the same as the post title, also the image uses the featured image we set for the post.

If you want to create more than one blurb with a custom title, custom content, and custom image, you may need to create a custom field for each blurb. You can read our previous article which covers creating custom fields using ACF and Meta Box in Divi.

More on Dynamic Content

Ever hear of a dynamic website? yes, it’s a website where its content changes depending on the place, time, and the user. A dynamic website is a perfect example of dynamic content implementation. Dynamic sites like Amazon and Netflix take dynamic content to the next level, on these sites and others like them dynamic content is personalized for each visitor’s experience, based on their past history on the website.

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  1. Hey thanks for posting this blog. I’m trying to find a ‘how to’ post on the internet to include a dynamic section heading as opposed to a page title for my Divi Theme Builder. I have a number of product templates and these have been displayed by brand so there are around 10 products per page in different sections so the hierarchy goes:
    Brand >> Product Category > Section content including title. It’s the section title I’d like to show dynamically in the Divi Builder. Any thoughts on this?

  2. Hey Hendri thanks for your feedback. I forgot to come back to here and mention that I sorted it out. It had to do with the actual content layout in the post page in relation to the Builder template. All is working fine now thanks!


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