How to Add Custom Fonts in Brizy

Updated: November 25, 2020

Typography is an important element of a design, no matter the type of design. Including web design. The selection of font plays a vital enough role in determining the quality of the design. When selected and implemented properly, a font can be the brand identity of your business. Compared to other page builder plugins like Elementor and Divi Builder, the default font collections offered by Brizy tend to fewer, but you have an option to add custom fonts according to your need.

To be able to add a new custom font in Brizy, you need to use the pro version as the feature to add custom fonts is only available on the pro version. Brizy supports four font formats: TTF, EOT, WOFF, and WOFF 2. Unlike, say Elementor, Brizy doesn’t support direct integration with Adobe Fonts. So, if you want to add a custom font from Adobe Fonts, you need to download the font file first.

How to add a custom font in Brizy

You can add a new custom font directly from the Brizy editor. Create or edit a page or theme builder template with Brizy to open the Brizy editor. New to Brizy? You can read our previous article to learn how to use Brizy.

On the Brizy editor, add an element that has an option to edit the typography (like Text, Button, Form, and so on) to the canvas area.

Click the element to show the settings bar. On the settings bar, click the Typography tab and click Add New Font.

On the appearing window, click the Upload button. Give your font a name and click the Continue button.

Upload your font file by clicking the UPLOAD button (make sure to click one according to the format of your font). Once uploaded, click the Add Font button.

If your font consists of more than one files, you can click Add new font variation to upload the other files. Otherwise, you can click the Continue button.

That’s it. You can now use the custom font you have just added. Brizy places the custom fonts at the top of the list on the font library.

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