How to Add Calendly to WordPress Using Happy Addons

Calendly is a popular online scheduling tool that makes it easy for you to schedule meetings with clients, business partners, and anyone. With Calendly, you can set your available schedules and let people set a meeting schedule according to your availability. You can provide a Calendly link to let people set a meeting schedule with you. If you have a website, you can also integrate Calendly with your website. If you have a WordPress site, integrating Calendly with your website is pretty easy. In this post, we will show you how to add Calendly to WordPress using Happy Addons.

Happy Addons is an Elementor add-on, so you need to install Elementor as well to your WordPress site. Elementor itself is a page builder plugin that allows you to create a beautiful page in WordPress without having to deal with CSS. Both Happy Addons and Elementor are freemium plugins. You can use the free versions of Happy Addons and Elementor to integrate Calendly with your website.

How to add Calendly to WordPress using Happy Addons

Before getting started, make sure you have installed and activated both Happy Addons and Elementor plugins. Once you are ready, create a new page (Pages -> Add New) or a new post (Posts -> Add New) and edit it with Elementor.

Before you start editing the page, you can set the page layout first. To do so, click the gear icon on the bottom-left corner on the left panel. Set the page layout on the Page Layout option.

Add a new section by clicking the red plus icon on the canvas area and drag the Calendly widget to the section you have just created.

On the Calendly block under the Content tab, type your Calendly username on the Username field and set the time slot on the Time Slot option. You can also set the height of the Calendly page on the Height option

To customize the look of your Calendly page, you can go to the Style tab. From this tab, you can set the text color, button color, link color, and background color.

You can add more elements to your page using the available Elementor widgets. Once you are done, click the PUBLISH button on the bottom side of the left panel to publish your page.

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