Hi 👋🏼

I am Aliko Sunawang, the creator of WPPagebuilders. This project was started in 2019 when I first got to know Elementor. I loved Elementor as it allowed me to create any type of website with WordPress thanks to its extensive dynamic content support, despite lack of coding skills I had. Elementor also inspired me to learn more about web design.

The initial name of this project was “Elementor Review” (with the domain name “”). My idea with the project was to create content around Elementor. However, as the domain name contained the word “Elementor”, I had question in mind whether it violated the Elementor’s trademark. Unfortunately, it did. In short, after consulting with the Elementor team, I bought another domain name and stick with it (the current one).

After all, Elementor is not the only page builder plugin out there. With the current domain name, I can create content on broader topics.

I don’t use social media for this project. If you love it, you can subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated over newest content. You can also visit my personal blog to learn more about me 🙂