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Do you use Gutenberg to create the core pages of your website?

Since its initial release as a default WordPress editor, Gutenberg has undergone massive growth and improvements. Not only you can use it to create blog posts, but also the core pages on your website such as homepage, about page, contact page, and so on. There are more elements you can add to your page. Still, a plugin is required to add certain elements.

So far, Gutenberg has no default blocks to add elements like contact form, call to action, icon, to accordion. Another issue with Gutenberg is regarding typography control whereby you have to go back and forth between Gutenberg and theme customizer. You can read here to learn the differences between Gutenberg and and Elementor, the most popular page builder plugin for WordPress.

Some plugins we recommend if you want to use Gutenberg to create the core pages of your website:

  • Kadence Blocks
  • Otter
  • CoBlocks
  • Ultimate Blocks
The above plugins come with extra blocks to allow you to further decorate your page by adding advanced background, adding shape divider, and so on. Furthermore, some plugins also offer more setting controls such as the ability to set padding and margin, border radius, and so on.

Want to add dynamic content to Gutenberg? JetEngine is a worth trying plugin, then. The plugin allows you to create custom fields and display the data to Gutenberg.

When optimized properly, you can use Gutenberg to create more appealing page on your WordPress. You can install a proper plugin to add more design elements to your Gutenberg-powered page. You can read our article below to learn more about the best WordPress plugins for Gutenberg.

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Founder of WP Pagebuilders

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