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In the previous newsletter edition, we have discussed about WordPress theme vs theme builder – with a big question: Is still relevant to create a WordPress site with a WordPress theme in the theme builder era like today?

The answer to the question maybe varies for each WordPress user. A casual WordPress blogger, for instance, may is enough with a WordPress theme. Different story goes for a professional web developer who need to create a website for a client that demands a completely unique, complex design. In such a case, using a theme builder would be a smarter option.

A theme builder plugin allows you to create custom templates for site parts like header, footer, archive pages, single post, and so on without writing a single line of code. You can add dynamic data to your custom templates. From the default dynamic data of WordPress to custom dynamic data you create with ACF, JetEngine, or Toolset. Some theme builders even allow you to set advanced dynamic visibility whereby you can hide/show elements by certain parameters (user role, login status, device type, browser, etc.).

The question is, how to create custom theme templates if you have no programming skills. In this newsletter edition, you will learn how to create a custom theme for your WordPress site without coding. Read the article below to learn more.

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Founder of WP Pagebuilders

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