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First off, we want to say that we have no hard feelings about Mailchimp. It's a great tool to send newsletters. However, a bad experience sometimes forces us to make a switch from a tool to another.

Before settling to our current newsletter tool, we used Mailchimp for about two years. During the period, the results were not so good every time we sent a newsletter to our subscribers. Low open rate was the main issue. After making some analysis, we found out that the main problem was fake email subscribers, as you can see on the following screenshot.

Well, you can fix the issue like the one above by enabling double opt-in, but we think that it should not happen on a big service like Mailchimp. That's why we eventually decided to switch away from Mailchimp.

In WordPress, you have a bunch of email marketing tools in case you have the same experience as us. From a dedicated plugin like MailPoet to a third-party email marketing service like MailerLite. One thing. If you want to use an email marketing plugin, make sure to learn how your email will be sent. Some email marketing plugins have no built-in mail delivery service and require you to use a third-party email delivery service.

Read our article below if you are looking for a Mailchimp alternative for your WordPress site.

Aliko Sunawang
Founder of WP Pagebuilders

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