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    , have you visited the Newsletter page on our website? On the page, you will find a block stating the topics we cover a lot -- whereby we convey it in the form of checklists. A few days ago, one of our readers asked us how to create something like that in Elementor. To answer the question, we have written a post which you can read below.

    In the post, we covered four creative ways to use the native Icon List widget of Elementor, including to create a block asked by our reader above.
    As usual, we have created some new content this week. We also edited some old content to keep the relevancy. Here are some new and edited content for this week:
    📙 New in Elementor: How to Create an Easy Digital Downloads Alternative with Elementor

    📗 New in Divi: How to Make Content Vertically Centered in Divi Column

    📘 New in WordPress: 4 Email Marketing Plugins You Can Use via WordPress Dashboard

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