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    Elementor AI is around the corner. One of the abilities it offers is to generate CSS code. In the near future once Elementor AI is released to all Elementor versions (currently only available on Elementor Hosting), you will be able to add custom styling to an element via custom CSS using prompts instead of manually write the code. Until then, you can add your custom CSS manually.

    Speaking of custom CSS, we have 6 CSS snippets which you can add to the Posts widget of Elementor. With these widgets, you can achieve styles such as turning the read more link into a button, add a zoom effect to the post thumbnails, etc. Simply hit the button below to access the snippets
    As usual, we have created some new content this week. We also edited some old content to keep the relevancy. Here are some new and edited content for this week ✨
    📙 New in Elementor: How to Add Social Media Login in Elementor

    📗 New in Divi: How to Set the Number of Columns in Divi Blog Module

    📘 New in WordPress: Top 5 WordPress Form Builder Plugins for Gutenberg

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