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From the readers' perspective, popup might be an annoying thing, but when you implement it properly, a popup can be a great marketing tool to grow your website. For instance, you can use a popup to collect email addresses of your visitors.

In WordPress, you have a bunch of options of popup builder plugins. Some popup builder plugins like JetPopup, Elementor Pro, and JetPopup allows you to set a popup to appear by parameters like:

  • On page load (with or without a delay)
  • On page scroll
  • On click
  • Exit intent
  • Visitors coming from search engines
  • Visitors using a certain technology (operating system, web browser, device type, etc.)
You can also set where a popup to appear. Whether on the entire website, on a specific page, on a specific post, on posts under a certain category, on posts with a certain tag, and so on.

Depending on the features offered by your popup builder, you can achieve many things with a single popup builder plugin. If your popup builder supports on click trigger type, for instance, you can use your it to create a full-screen menu. Some popup builders such as Brizy Pro and Elementor Pro also allow you to create an age verification popup.

What we wanted to say here is that you can achieve many things with a single plugin (popup builder in this case). You don’t need to always install a new plugin to solve a minor issue or to add a simple feature like cookie consent popup or notification bar. Although you can install as many plugins as you want on your WordPress site, but having too many plugins installed is not the best practice. Why installing a new plugin when an existing plugin can handle your needs?

To learn more what kind of things you can create with a popup builder plugin, you can read our article below.

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Founder of WP Pagebuilders

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