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    Image is an element that makes your website looks more appealing. On the other hand, the negative hand, it also plays a huge role in slowing down your website. That's why optimizing images is crucial in web creation. Elementor has at least three features you can make use of to optimize images on your website. Using these features properly can help improving some metrics related to site performance, especially Largest Contentful Paint (LCP). You don't need to install an extra plugin.

    A crucial thing to note when it comes to site performance. No matter how hard your effort to improve performance-related metrics, it won't affect much if you don't use an appropriate hosting. It's the top priority if you want to have a fast-loading website. We have crafted the list of best Elementor Hosting services you can consider for your Elementor-powered WordPress sites.

    Read our post below to dive into Elementor features aimed at optimizing images.

    As usual, we have created some new content this week. We also edited some old content to keep the relevancy. Here are some new and edited content for this week:
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