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    Defining color is one of the most time-consuming parts in web creation. Often times, we spend hours only to find the best combination of colors for the website we will create. If you often face this issue, you might want to use the tools we have compiled below. In addition to color, there is also a tool dedicated to helping you defining the size of font for each part of your design.

    All tools on the following list can be used for free so that you don't need spending extra budget to get your project done. Simply hit the button below to learn more.
    As usual, we have created some new content this week. We also edited some old content to keep the relevancy. Here are some new and edited content for this week:
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    📗 New in Divi: How to Set Object Fit on Divi Image Module

    📘 New in Resources: 4 Best Free Online SVG Editors
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