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As you know, Elementor (the pro version) has a native widget to create a form on your website. In addition, Elementor also comes with a built-in feature that allows you to manage the submitted form data right from your WordPress dashboard. However, for a form aimed at retrieving a large amount of data, you might want to send the submitted data to external tool instead.

Considering Google Sheets?

Well, Google Sheets is a great free tool to manage form data. You can use it to further analyze and process the data. You can turn the data into a more human-readable format such as pie chart, bar chart, and so on. Furthermore, Google Sheets allows you to joint-manage a data with your teammates thanks to its live commenting feature.

If you want to send your Elementor Form data to Google Sheets, we have an article which you can read below (No third-party add-on involved).
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