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Theme is a required component of WordPress that governs the look of your website. From the footer, footer, single post, archive pages, etc. A WordPress theme allows you to create a unique website in terms of look.

In 2018, Elementor 2.0 was released. The release included a theme builder feature, which later became a game changer. With the feature, you can customize every single part of your WordPress website without touching a single line. You can create a custom template for header, footer, blog posts, archive pages, to custom post types. A theme builder offers more design controls than any theme.

Elementor is not the only theme builder, though. In late 2019, Elegant Themes (the developer of Divi) also introduced its theme builder for Divi Builder.

In case you didn't know. Each WordPress theme has template files that govern the layout of your site parts. For instance, a header.php is a template file that governs the layout of site header. A theme builder works by replacing the default template files of your theme. A theme builder allows you to create a custom template for a certain site part in a visual way.

So, is it still relevant to rely on a theme in today's theme builder era?

Well, themes still have a place. For casual users who just need WordPress to create a simple blog with minimum customization, theme is a great fit. You can use a theme builder when you need more control over the layouts of your site parts.

You can read our article below to learn more about a WordPress theme vs theme builder.

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