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WooCommerce is by far the best plugin to create an e-commerce website in WordPress. You can use it whether to sell digital products or physical products. Since WooCommerce is open source, just like WordPress, you can customize your store to your liking. In every aspect. Including the visual aspect.

In general, your WooCommerce-based online store consists of the following parts:

  • Shop page
  • Single product page
  • Product archive pages
  • Cart page
  • Checkout page
  • Customer account page

The look of those parts varied, depending on theme you use. But if you want it, you can create custom pages and templates to replace the default look offered by your theme. If you use Elementor on your e-commerce site, you can use its WooCoomerce Builder feature (available on the pro version) to create the custom pages and templates for WooCommerce. Alternatively, you can also use JetWooBuilder, which offers more widgets.

If you are at a crossroad, you can read our article below to learn which WooCommerce Builder better suited for your e-commerce website.
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