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Do you have a blog or a YouTube channel covering WordPress? If so, you wight want to earn extra money from affiliate marketing.

The vast majority of WordPress developer companies offer affiliate program. If you are a WordPress content creator (be it a blogger or YouTuber), you can take this opportunity to monetize your content. However, you need to be selective before joining affiliate programs offered by WordPress developer companies as not all of them really worth joining to. To help you out, we have curated the best affiliate programs you can join, based on our very own experience.

For your information, this project (WP Pagebuilders) is projected to earn money from affiliate marketing since the beginning. Although we also earn money from other sources, affiliate marketing remains the main revenue stream source. We have tried countless affiliate programs offered by countless WordPress developer companies, only to find out that not all of them really worth joining to. Read the post below if you are looking for affiliate programs to monetize your WordPress content.
As usual, we have created some new content this week. We also edited some old content to keep the relevancy. Here are some new and edited content for this week ✨
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