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2023 might is the best time to start focusing on email marketing. Or, if you haven't started it yet, maybe it is the best time to get started. Email is the best marketing channel for a long term as there is no algorithm that controls you. Focusing on email marketing is a smart move to build a strong foundation for your online businesses.

There are a bunch of email marketing plugins that you can use to run the entire email marketing process right from your WordPress dashboard. From managing email lists to sending email campaigns. One key feature you need to notice when picking an email marketing plugin is email delivery service (SMTP).

We have curated the best email marketing plugins for WordPress, which you can read below.
This week, we have created some pieces of new content to our blog. Also, we have updated some existing ones to make them keep relevant.
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📗 New in Divi: How to Display the Featured Images in Original Aspect Ratio on Divi Blog Module

📘 New in WordPress: How to Add Tooltip in WordPress Without Plugin
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