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Since version 5.0 -- which was released in late 2018 -- WordPress has included Gutenberg as the default editor, replacing the Classic Editor which had been a default editor since the initial release of WordPress. Classic Editor is still around, though. You can revert it back by adding a new function to the function file of your theme (read here to learn more).

Since the arrival of Gutenberg, WordPress users have been divided into two groups: those who welcome it and those who stick to Classic Editor.

Gutenberg has undergone countless changes since its initial release. Not only it allows you to create text-based content (blog posts), but you can also use Gutenberg to create a page with more visual elements.

On the other hand, we are now living in the page builder era. Elementor – the leading page builder plugin – offers a way better experience in page creation. It has an intuitive live editor and a bunch of built-in features to give you full control over your design.

A quick question. With the current capabilities and features of Gutenberg, is it still relevant to use a page builder plugin?

We invite you to join the discussion by giving your thoughts. You can leave your comments on our blog post below.

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Founder of WP Pagebuilders

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