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There are a lot of things you can do with Elementor other than merely creating pages. One of which, you can create an Easy Digital Downloads alternative by utilizing the payment widgets (PayPal Button and Stripe Button).

In order to be able to sell multiple digital products dynamically, you can create both custom post type and custom fields and then create a custom template using Elementor Theme Builder. We have created an in-depth article to walk you through how to create an Easy Digital Downloads alternative using Elementor -- which you can read below.
This week, we have created some pieces of new content to our blog. Also, we have updated some existing ones to make them keep relevant.
📙 New in Elementor: How to Add Hover Effect to Individual Post Items in Elementor Posts Widget

📗 New in Divi: How to Fix Form Fields Not Showing Up in Divi Email Optin Module

📘 New in WordPress: How to Remove Website Field from Comment Form in WordPress (Useful to reduce spam comments)
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