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Lately, I love to play around with gradient. It feels great when you manage to find a perfect color combination for your gradient. As if you are a famous artist 😎

Elementor also supports gradient. You can add gradient to a section background, column background, button, and so on. Unfortunately, the gradient feature of Elementor is limited to maximum of two colors.

Is there is way to create gradient consisting of multiple colors (more than two) in Elementor? Of course. You can read our post here to learn more. You can even create an advanced gradient like the ones below:
advanced gradient elementor
You read it right. You can apply the gradients on the grid above to your Elementor page. We have 70+ advanced gradients you can get for free.
This week, we have created some pieces of new content to our blog. Also, we have updated some existing ones to make them keep relevant.

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Founder of WP Pagebuilders

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