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While Elementor is still in charge in the page builder plugin segment, many similar plugins are trying to bother the throne. Breakdance is one of the newest Elementor competitors, brought to you by Soflyy, the developer of Oxygen Builder.

From the feature perspective, Breakdance is quite the same as Elementor. It has features like theme builder, popup builder, form builder, dynamic content supports, and so on.

We have summarized the features offered by Breakdance and compare them with Elementor's. If you are curious, simply read the article below.
This week, we have created some pieces of new content to our blog. Also, we have updated some existing ones to make them keep relevant.
📙 New in Elementor: How to Make the Read More Link Look Like a Button in Elementor

📗 New in Divi: How to Create Dynamic Download Link in Divi

📘 New in WordPress: How to Create Shortcode in WordPress (without plugin)
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