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Email newsletter is the best channel to acquire traffic to a website -- other than SEO. It is more future-proof than social media as there is no algorithm filtering the content delivery. More importantly, email newsletter -- and other email marketing forms -- allows you have a full control over your data.
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In order be successful with email newsletter, you need to build strong email database.

People often use a popup to collect email addresses -- which is great. Unfortunately, they often forget the UX aspect. The common case we find is that a popup is displayed right away after the page is loaded, with overlay that covers the content area. We once applied this method but moved on in the end as we realized it's not good from the visitors' perspective.

We are extremely grateful that our new method of displaying email subscription form popup has been generating better results, by threefold. You can read our tips below to display email subscription form popup that doesn't make your readers mad, while also generating better results.
This week, we have created some pieces of new content to our blog. Also, we have updated some existing ones to make them keep relevant.
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