How to Create a Stock Photo Website in WordPress

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As we have stated in the previous edition, understanding custom fields is a key to step further with WordPress. Apart from it, you also need to understand custom post type. By understanding these two elements, you can create any type of website with WordPress, including a stock photo website.

Stock photo website is a type of website that offers photo collections. Getty Images, Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, to Unsplash are examples of stock photo websites.

Picjumbo is another example of stock photo website. You know what? It's created with WordPress!

You can also create your own stock photo website using WordPress by making use of custom fields and custom post type. If you have no coding skills, no worries. You can use your favorite page builder to create a stock photo website. We have written a tutorial about how to create a stock photo website with WordPress, which you can read below.

While the example use Elementor, you use other page builders such as Divi Builder and Brizy. Happy creating!

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