Elementor vs Divi Builder

elementor vs divi

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Page builder plugins have offered a new way to create professional websites with WordPress -- with a no-code approach. You no longer need to rely on what's offered by your theme.

Both Elementor and Divi Builder are two of the most popular, feature-rich page builder plugins which you can install on any theme. In addition to a visual editor as their core feature, they also come with useful features like theme builder, form builder, and the ability to handle custom content (custom fields and custom post type) to allow you step even further even if you have coding skills.

Quick question. Should you use Elementor or Divi Builder on your next projects?

We have summarized the differences between Elementor and Divi Builder -- including the features, pricing, and ecosystem -- to make it easier for you to make the decision. We also added tables to make it easier to learn the features comparison. Read the following articles to learn more.

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