7 Cool Things You Can Do with Elementor Pro

Updated: December 7, 2021

As a freemium app, you can use Elementor without spending any money. However, the free version of Elementor only allows you to touch the surface area of the page builder. There are a bunch of magical things you will get by using the pro version. One of which, you can create your own WordPress theme, a thing that previously can only be done by those who have programming skills.

Elementor Pro is like a magic box. With a single plugin, you will be able to create beautiful forms, attractive popups, amazing sliders, animation effects, and so on. The free version of Elementor gives you only 50 basic widgets, while the pro version offers tens more premium widgets.

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Here are 7 of the cool things you can do with Elementor Pro.

1. Create a WordPress theme without coding

To create a WordPress theme, you need to master PHP, HTML, and CSS. It was then. You can now create a WordPress theme without writing any single line of code. You can even create a WordPress theme even if you have no programming knowledge at all. The pro version of Elementor comes with a Theme Builder feature.

In general, a WordPress theme consists the following elements:

  • A header
  • A footer
  • A single post template
  • A 404 page
  • An archive page template (category and tag)

The Theme Builder of Elementor allows you to create those elements via the visual editor of Elementor. Everything is drag and drop in the front-end editor. Each theme element you created with Elementor will replace the default element of your theme once you publish it. When publishing an element, say header, Elementor allows you to set the display condition. Whether you want to apply it to the entire website or specific pages only.

2. Create beautiful popups

With Elementor Pro, you don’t need to install a popup builder add-on anymore since the pro version of Elementor comes with a Popup Builder feature, allowing you to create attractive popups on your WordPress site. More interestingly, Elementor offers tens of ready-to-use popup templates you can choose from. You can use the Popup Builder of Elementor to display banners of your special offers, display email subscription form, display a floating social share button and so on. With the Popup Builder of Elementor, you will also create a beautiful menu like the following.

There are several trigger types you can set when creating a popup with Elementor. For instance, you can display the popup after a user clicks a certain button. Or, you can also display a popup based on mouse scroll.

3. Create a website in minutes

Whether you use Elementor Free or Elementor Pro, you have access to the template library of Elementor. With an Elementor template, you can create a beautiful page on your WordPress in minutes. Simply import your preferred template and tailor the content and your page is ready to publish. However, the free version of Elementor has no privilege to use an Elementor Template Kit and all templates labeled “PRO”.

By the way, what is an Elementor Template Kit?

In August 2019, Elementor introduced the first-ever edition of Template Kit that is aimed at digital agencies. This Template Kit consists of:

  • A header template
  • A footer template
  • An about page template
  • A clients page template
  • A contact page template
  • A services and single service page templates
  • A 404 page template
  • A single post template
  • An archive template
  • A popup template

An Elementor Template Kit itself is a set of Elementor templates with a consistent design concept. With a Template Kit, you will be able to create a whole website in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks.

4. Create global widgets

There are a bunch of widgets offered by Elementor to allow you to create a beautiful web page. If you often use a widget with the same customization, say button, on different pages, you can make use of the Global Widget feature. This feature is only available on Elementor Pro.

When adding a widget on the Elementor canvas, you can customize the widget to meet what you want to accomplish. Once done customizing the widget you can save it (the customized widget) as a Global Widget for recurring use. This way, you don’t need to start from scratch if you want to use the same style on a widget on the next pages. Simply go to the Global tab on the left panel and drag a Global Widget you want to use to the canvas.

5. Create a more engaging landing page with premium widgets

As mentioned earlier, the free version of Elementor offers only about 50 widgets and they are very basic. With these basic widgets, you only be able to touch the surface area of Elementor. Whereas, there are a bunch of cool things you can do once dig deeper with the pro version. The pro version of Elementor allows you to unleash your creativity without any limitation. You can create a more engaging landing page by adding premium widgets like Animated Headline, Price Table, Flip Box, Testimonial Carousel, Reviews and so on.

6. Create beautiful forms

Want to create a form? You don’t need to install any additional plugin with Elementor Pro. The pro version of Elementor comes with a Form widget. You can create any type of form with this widget. Whether a registration form, an email subscription form, contact form, booking form, and so on. The Widget form of Elementor supports file upload, acceptance field, date field, time field, HTML field, password field, and so on.

You can also integrate your form with popular services like MailChimp, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, ConvertKit, and so on. Here is the example of a form created with Elementor.

7. Create an e-commerce site

Another feature offered by the pro version of Elementor is WooCommerce Builder. This feature is especially great if you aim to create an e-commerce website with WordPress. With WooCommerce and Elementor Pro installed, you can create a single product page effortlessly. The WooCemmerce Builder of Elementor offers ready-to-use blocks to create a single product page.

You will also have more widgets after installing WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site.

The verdict

Although you can use Elementor for free, there are a bunch of benefits you will get if you use the pro version. You will be able to create your own WordPress theme according to your style and taste. No other WordPress themes will have the same look if you create your theme yourself. The pro version of Elementor also allows you to promote your products or services in more creative ways. You can create a more engaging landing page or display promotional popups based on visitor behaviors.

Elementor itself also supports add-ons (add-ons also apply to Elementor Free). An Elementor add-on is a set of additional widgets developed by third-party developers. Coupled with the Elementor native widgets, you can create a very attractive, unique web page or website.

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