How to Set Avatar Border Radius on the Post Info Widget of Elementor

As web designers, we surely want our site to have a selling point; uniqueness and stunning design. One thing that we can do is customize the avatar. Many people in the WordPress community assume that customizing the avatar is not the most important thing. But we have another perspective on that. Not only as a … Read more

Elementor vs Breakdance: Features Comparison (Unbiased)

Elementor vs Breakdance illustration image

The competition in the WordPress page builder plugin segment is getting tighter and tighter. While Elementor is still becoming the market leader, many competitors are trying to grab the throne. Breakdance is one of those competitors. This article will compare the features offered by Elementor and Breakdance with the main purpose is to help you … Read more

How to Hide a Gutenberg Block from Non-Logged In Users in WordPress

People like being appreciated are no exception for your users. Appreciating your users, especially those who logged in to your site, will make them feel special and valued. This article might be helpful if you want to hide/show block/s on your website based on user login status to give exclusivity to your user who logged … Read more

6 Free Elementor Single Post Templates to Download

The Theme Builder feature of Elementor allows you to create custom templates for your theme parts. One of which is the single post. In this context, single post template is the template that controls the appearance of the blog posts on your website. We have created some pre-made Elementor single post templates you can download … Read more

How to Create a Back-to-Top Button in WordPress (2 Ways)

According to some studies (first page rank by Backlinko and keep readers engaged by Medium), long-form content has proven to be more engaging and better for SEO. And long-form content also gives you more opportunities to convey more detailed information and more opportunities to get more backlinks as there is a positive correlation between word … Read more