How to Allow Visitors to Get Notification when Their Comment is Replied in WordPress

WordPress has a default feature to allow your website visitors to leave a comment. Other visitors can reply to an existing comment. However, WordPress has no default option to automatically notify visitors when their comment is replied. If you want to allow your visitors to get notifications over a reply to their comment, you can … Read more

8 Best Online Magazine Elementor Template Kits

Elementor is a multipurpose page builder plugin. Meaning that you can use it to create any type of website, including an online magazine. However, since Elementor is not designed specifically to create online magazines like tagDiv Composer, it takes extra effort to design the layout if you want to create an online magazine with it. … Read more

How an Elementor Website Kit Helps Streamlining Your Workflow

Since its initial release in 2016, Elementor has undergone massive development. It has gone from a mere page builder plugin to a comprehensive website builder. Elementor is now capable of handling tasks that previously could only be done by a theme. Such as customizing site parts (header, footer, single post layout, and so on), setting … Read more