It's page builder era

Page builders are a new revolution in website creation. Explore the magic of WordPress page builder plugins.

*The video above is the introduction of Elementor, one of the most popular WordPress page builder plugins.

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Jupiter X

Jupiter X is bundled with 9 Jet Plugins family members. If you buy them individually, you need to spend $159 per year. With Jupiter X, you can get those plugins for only $59 with a one-time purchase.

You can choose over 300 readymade website templates carefully designed for 17+ businesses and purposes. New templates are constantly added each month.

Jupiter X comes with a white-label feature, allowing you to replace the Jupiter X attributes on your WordPress dashboard. A perfect feature agencies.

Jupiter X comes with a header and footer manager. You can change your header and footer anytime. You can also customize your header and footer with Elementor. All of your theme parts can be edited using Elementor.

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